“Railway Cultures” – National Railway Museum partnership

Railway Cultures is a collaborative project between the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Sheffield and the National Railway Museum (NRM) in York. Students and academics worked alongside archivists and curators to explore what arts and humanities research can tell us about the history and culture of the railways, as well as the people who use them. Artists Simon Bill, Andrew Conroy, Tom Lawrence and Laura Page were commissioned as part of the project. A selection of their work is exhibited at the railway station in Sheffield.

The project’s outputs also include a book of original writings, Railway Cultures, featuring all the commissioned artworks and six paintings from the NRM collection, and a special issue of the University of Sheffield’s creative writing journal, Route 57, entitled Loco-Motion.

The Arts and Humanities take us to the very centre of what it is like to be human. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Sheffield delivers world-class research to understand more about ourselves and the world we inhabit; innovative teaching to equip the next generation to advance the study of humanity; and engages in partnerships to share the impact of our work about human behaviour, culture, beliefs and history.

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