Why work with us?

Co-Constructive Humanities is a consultancy-model think tank based in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Sheffield. Our prestige and reputation mean a lot to us. We broker access to more than 200 academics known for world-leading research and public engagement, as well as 25,000 ‘trend awares’ - our students. We have a distinguished record of securing public funding for research, engagement and partnership working. Collaborating with us means you can plug in to our pre-formed networks, expertise and international reputation.
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Public Consultation

With our research in history, personal and collective memory along with our experience of building bridges with communities, we offer public consultation, done differently. Often seen as the albatross of the planning process, our deep-dive engagement with diverse audiences, including young people, will facilitate meaningful, workable consultation with local communities. This is all underpinned by our research in language, linguistics and communication theory.

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Value Creation

A lot of our work is on perceptions of space and the narratives we unconsciously inherit and live by. We know how to alter perceptions and make difficult sites more attractive places to live and work, making them more financially attractive developments. We think of it as the application of ‘storytelling’ and ‘affect theory’; you might know it as ‘branding’.

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Public art consultancy

We can find the right creative person for you. We are internationally renowned for spotting talent and we regularly work with hundreds of creative practitioners – artists, writers, sculptors and storytellers. We can advise on commissions or find the right artist for your project.

Heritage and regeneration

We have worked with major heritage sites in the UK and abroad, and have been involved in key regeneration projects, bringing expertise in interpretation, archaeological assessment of sites, archival research, audience development and the use of digital technologies. Bringing to the fore the heritage of a site, we can support the development of places that people want to live in, by making the past part of their present and future.

The University of Sheffield has nurtured its relationships for decades. We know the positive value of our networks. We also know the best way to have impact, locally and nationally, is to share. Our Knowledge Exchange team is dedicated to sharing our research and growing our networks. If you feel our academics and our partnerships with cultural institutions, the public and the third sector, could add value to your business or projects, please do get in touch. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

Who we are

Our multidisciplinary team represents our academics

Dr Amanda Crawley Jackson

Researcher in space and spatialities in art, philosophy, literature and politics
Faculty Director for Impact and Engagement

Lucy Hope

Project Manager
Co-Constructive Humanities Project Manager

Dr Seth Mehl

Project Manager
Co-Constructive Humanities Project Manager

Jonathan Bradley

Project Manager
Co-Constructive Humanities Project Manager

Holly Lown

Knowledge Exchange, Impact and Engagement Assistant
Co-Constructive Humanities Administration Manager


Interested in an initial conversation with us? coconhum@sheffield.ac.uk // 0114 222 6116

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